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About the WBL

More Than Basketball.


The Wisconsin Basketball League (WBL) is a men's basketball league based solely in Wisconsin. The WBL strives to create an environment that provides an outlet for athletes to continue to play basketball right from their hometowns. The WBL is committed to using basketball as their platform to bring exciting competitive basketball to the surrounding communities at a family-friendly price! The WBL and its partners are dedicated to the league's vision about making it about #MoreThanBasketball both on and off the court.

RULES: International Basketball Federation (FIBA)

SEASON: February - June

TEAM FEE: ANNUAL $2,500 - Includes: Uniforms, game venue, refs, athletic trainer (varies on site coverage), game day staff, tryout marketing, LIVE streamed games, statistics, film, photography, and more.

PLAYER FEE: ANNUAL $500 - Players keep HOME & AWAY Uniforms, warmup top and pants. Players also get access to all game film, media day photos, in-game photos, social coverage and statistics. 

GAMES: 15-Game Regular Season

AWARDS: MVP, DPOY, COTY and First Team All-League.

CONTESTS:  Slam Dunk, 3-Point Contest, Combo Shooting Contest and Levels Shooting Contest.

TRYOUTS: $50 FEE: Individual player tryouts can be held throughout the year by contacting OR by attending a team tryout in October - December.

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